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Don't accept being alone.Thousands of women, young and beautiful, are waiting you.  



Have you heard of the "rafters"? Do you know that the sea they hurled into is full of sharks, and the one of the most dreadful, the one that used to be on the Florida Coast, has now moved its habitat southwards, around Cuba , atracted by the feast? The rafers knew about this and, notwithstanding they took to the adventure, the terrible adventure, on those improvised boats, that were frail, horrifying, against the most horrifying jaws of all sharks. And if they succeeded in getting to the United States, what awaits them there: nearly always they end up feeling the police boots on the back of their neck.



   The rafters new all about this and, notwithstanding they took to the sea in search of a better life..



  What the men did with the "rafts", the women tried by other means. In search of a good home, a stable family, a well-paid job, etc.



     If you are alone and feel lonely, hoping to share your life with a young beautiful lady, who will make happy and be made happy, you will find hundred of them in Cuba ready to share their life with you. Bear in mind that in this country a well qualified employee earns about five US dollars a month : any European or North American working class is an Asian principe compared with them. From now on if you still stay  single is only because you want.

What we finished saying about the Cuban girls also we can say it about the girls of South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, etc


Note. Don't forget to translate your letter into Spanish. If that poses a problem, we can take care of it. If that is the case, an additional 1US $ will be charged for every 10 words.This is exactly what the translator wil charge us. Be it known  to you that we are not a commercial enterprise, but a married couple that met in a similar way and we are delighted with this way people get in touch with each other; we are trying to cover expenses.



   Your life will change, at last you will achieve what you've been hoping for a long time. What does a few dollars you spend in silly little things matter to you compared to what will bring a lasting solution to your life?



  Don't think it twice, don't miss this opportunity to meet a nice companion. Choose the girl you like best and send a letter open-heartedly. It would even be better if you chose several girls and wrote to all of them: bear in mind that each of them will recive letters from more than one person and will have to choose only one. The more letters you write, the more chances you have of being chosen.




Be amazed with the beauties of Cuba!
Don't accept being alone

With a widow's mite you will find a long lasting solution to the problem of your life.

While you are alone, the woman of your life is also alone.

The more letters you write, the more chances you have of being chosen.

Solve the problem of your life once and for all.


                           Thousand of women, young and beatiful, are waiting to share their life with you. Don't accept being alone.Wait no more; don't go on waisting the time of pleasure and happiness that is awditing you and your partner                                                                    




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